For a while, it has been rumored that Apple could be looking to introduce a 120Hz ProMotion display to the iPhone. The latest rumors are suggesting that this feature could actually debut with the 2021 iPhone, and now a patent discovered by Patently Apple seems to provide more evidence of this happening.

The patent that they discovered was for a display with a variable refresh rate. For those unfamiliar, this means that instead of a display being set at a particular refresh rate regardless of its content, it can change its refresh rate according to what the user needs. For example, surfing the web and looking at photos probably wouldn’t require users to have a 120Hz refresh rate.

However, playing games or watching videos could benefit from faster refresh rates, and the patent suggests that the display could change accordingly. While it is a patent and there is no guarantee that Apple could bring it to the iPhone, why else could the company be exploring such displays?

Right now, only the iPad Pro has a 120Hz ProMotion display, although we highly doubt that Apple plans to limit the feature to the iPad Pro lineup forever. While this is an interesting patent discovered amidst the rumors of a 120Hz iPhone, we suggest that maybe you don’t get your hopes up for now.

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