In the tech world, it’s not surprising to see companies “borrow” ideas from each other for their own products and services. Take for example Chrome OS which allows users to run Android apps, something that Apple has borrowed for its M1 Mac computers. Now it seems that Google could also be borrowing something of Apple’s in return.

According to Android Police, they have spotted a change in the Chromium Gerrit in which it seems that developers are laying the groundwork for Google to better integrate Google Photos into Chrome OS, meaning that Chrome OS users will be able to access photos stored on Google Photos through the file picker.

This is kind of similar to how macOS handles photos, where if you’re an iPhone user with photos stored in iCloud, you can sync them across devices and access those photos easily through the Photos app on macOS. Uploads will then be synced and you can then access those photos on other macOS computers signed into the same account and iPhones and iPads.

As it stands, Chrome OS users have to download photos from Google Photos manually and sort it out themselves, or otherwise have to view it through the web or Google Photos app which doesn’t feel as cohesive. These changes will make it easier for Chrome OS users to access their photos whenever they want, assuming that they store it on Google Photos. There’s no word on when this feature will be released, if at all, but it might be something to look forward to.

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