If you own a Fitbit device, you probably use the accompanying app as well. For the most part, Fitbit’s basic services do more than enough for most users, but the company also offers a Premium subscription plan at $9.99 a month that will come with added features like guided programs and more.

$9.99 a month seems about the standard price of subscription services we’re seeing today, but Google wants to make it cheaper. According to Android Central, they have come across a custom survey sent out by Fitbit that suggests that the company could be planning a much cheaper service priced at $2.99 a month.

We’re not sure what kind of added features the service would have over the free version, but one of the features could be giving users access to unlimited historical data. Right now, the free Fitbit plan only offers up to 30 days of historical data, but users who want to see more data could pay $2.99 a month to unlock it.

When Google announced their plans to acquire Fitbit, one of the promises they made to regulators was that they would not sell user data from Fitbit users, so it seems that this cheaper $2.99 a month subscription could be another way of encouraging users to pay for the service while they also get to monetize it.

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