When Apple’s M1 Mac computers were launched, many were quick to run the computer through its paces to see whether or not the new M1 chipsets could deliver as promised. To everyone’s delight, Apple’s M1 chipset not only delivered, but in some instances seemed to perform better than advertised.


Many made comparisons to Intel and their processors, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Intel has since fired back with a bunch of new benchmarks of their own. These new benchmarks seek to show that Intel’s processors are more powerful than what Apple’s M1 has to offer, where Intel is boasting things like performance in games, software, and also battery life.

That being said, these benchmarks are all in Intel’s favor, and rightfully so since we doubt that Intel would share benchmarks that prove themselves wrong. However, as some have noted, these benchmarks (like most) should be taken with a grain of salt as many companies tend to cherry pick the benchmarks that paint them in the best light.

This isn’t to say that Intel is lying or that their benchmarks are wrong, but maybe their comparisons were never fair to begin with. However, it does seem to suggest that Intel could view Apple’s efforts as big enough of a threat for them to even bother responding.

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