With there being so much content on the internet, we totally get it if parents are a bit wary and skeptical about having their kids surf the web without any kind of supervision. However, if you’re a parent and want to better protect your kid from the darker corners of the web, Microsoft’s Edge browser could be worth looking into.

This is because the company has recently introduced a Kids Mode for the Edge browser which offers up custom themes to make it more interesting to kids, but at the same time also introducing child-friendly articles to help children safely browse the web. The search engine, Bing, will have its SafeSearch mode on by default and will set tracking prevention to strict that should prevent advertisers from getting too much information about what your child does online.

Some might be wondering, what’s to stop the child from exiting Kids Mode? One of the features is that once the mode has been enabled, users will need to enter a password to exit it. This means that your kids won’t be able to deliberately or accidentally turn it off themselves. There are also lists that parents can create to whitelist sites that they deem are safe or allowed.

At the moment, Kids Mode is only available for Edge Insiders, kind of like a beta mode of sorts. We’re not sure when the feature will be rolled out to all Edge users, but parents might want to keep an eye out for it.

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