Before we buy anything, we usually look for reviews to get an idea of how good a product is. While reviews aren’t always a guarantee of a good product, it does help to paint a general idea in our minds. After all, if a product has an average of 4/5 stars based on 10,000 reviews, it should more or less be a good indicator.

That being said, one developer decided to try and game the system on Steam by renaming his company “Very Positive”. This is a play on how Steam games are rated in which the term “Positive” is used to indicate how gamers feel about the game, so by calling his company “Very Positive”, it could trick some gamers into thinking that his games are highly-rated.

Unfortunately, Valve wasn’t too impressed by this tactic and has since given the developer the boot, alleging “review manipulations”. Unsurprisingly, the developer did not agree with Valve’s decision. Prior to the ban, he even told Vice that “Valve fully understands how minor this trick is” which is why he assumed that he would be able to get away with it.

It is possible that had these changes not been noticed and publicized on social media and the news, Valve could have potentially missed it. However, we suppose the damage is now done and we’re not sure if Valve will be reinstating his account in the future.

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