When you buy something online, you usually expect that when you do receive it, you get what you were supposed to. Unfortunately for a woman in China named Liu, it seems that the $1,500 iPhone 12 Pro Max she had ordered online turned out to be very different, where she ended up receiving a box of apple flavored yogurt instead.

Now you might assume that she had bought it from an online seller, but according to Liu, she had bought it from Apple’s official website. The parcel was not delivered to her directly but was instead placed in a collection locker in her residential community, which suggests that it is possible that someone had switched it out.

It is unclear when the switch might have happened. It could have happened at the courier level where someone saw it was an iPhone and decided to take it for themselves. It is also possible that someone in her residence swapped it out when it was delivered, but either way, it is currently being investigated by both Apple and the mail courier service.

This wouldn’t be the first time that people have been scammed during their online purchases, but assuming Liu wasn’t tricked into buying from an Apple-lookalike website, this could be a rare instance where buying from a legitimate seller results in getting a fake product.

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