Our mobile apps these days are pretty impressive and have come a long way from the early smartphone days when all we would see were fart apps. These days, apps are smart and powerful enough to apply filters to photos, transforming us in a matter of a few clicks, which is what one 50-year Japanese biker has taken to the next level.


You see, there exists a Twitter account in Japan by the handle of azusagakuyuki. It contains photos and tweets of what appears to be a young, beautiful woman who also seems to be a bit of a biker enthusiast. It seemed rather normal, at least until a photo surfaced in which it showed a person in the side mirror that did not look like the person in the photos.

This led to a lot of curiosity, with the Japanese media tracking down the biker to find out what’s going on. As it turns out, this young, beautiful woman was actually a 50-year man who used a smartphone app to transform his looks. According to the man, he claims that no one would be interested in seeing an “uncle”, which is why he used the app to help make himself more popular.

Oddly enough despite having been revealed by the media, the account still seems to be continuing to post photos while using the app. What do you think? Pretty realistic, isn’t it?

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