With the iPhone 12, Apple made a controversial decision where they opted to not include a charger with the iPhone. Instead, they supplied customers with a charging cable that can be used with pretty much any USB charger, which we suppose is fair. The company’s justification was that this is better for the environment, although a skeptic might claim it’s just a cash grab.

However, while many of us around the world are getting used to the idea of a smartphone shipping without a charger, over in Brazil it’s a different story where Apple has since been fined $2 million for selling the iPhone without including a charger. This is according to Procon-SP, São Paulo’s consumer protection agency, who levied the fine upon Apple.

The consumer protection agency had actually previously informed Apple that selling the iPhone without its charger is actually a violation of the country’s Consumer Defense Code, but Apple had argued back claiming that many customers already had spare chargers and that they were trying to reduce CO2 emissions and rare earth mining.

However, based on this fine, it seems that the consumer protection agency wasn’t buying it. Apple is able to appeal the decision if they want to continue to object to the decision, which we imagine they probably will since giving in to the fine could set a precedent in other countries around the world.

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