For those who don’t use Android or for those who use Android but were unaware, the platform comes with a pretty cool accessibility feature that pretty much captions videos and audio played on it. This is useful not only for those who have hearing impairments, but also useful if you don’t want sound coming from your phone.


If you can appreciate the ability to caption any video or audio, then you might be pleased with Chrome’s latest update. Google has announced that in the latest version of its Chrome browser, they will be bringing Android Live Caption feature to the browser and onto the desktop. The best part is that Google claims that this will work for pretty much everything as long as it can be opened in the browser.

This means that not only does the captioning feature work for websites that play audio or video, but if you can open those files in Chrome, it will caption those as well. The version on Chrome is essentially the same as on Android, so in terms of accuracy/precision, they will be the same, so don’t assume that Android’s will be better because it’s been around longer.

Of course, the accuracy of the captioning is dependent on the transcription, so depending on what you’re watching or listening to, your experience might be different. However, at the end of the day it is still a very useful accessibility tool to have.

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