While waiting for the new Mac Pro to be launched (when Apple transitioned from the trash can design to the current design), Apple introduced the iMac Pro which was an all-in-one “pro” level desktop system for those who needed the space and computing power. However, it seems that the computer has since been discontinued.

This is according to 9to5Mac who discovered that the Apple Store had removed all build-to-order configurations for the computer, and that only the $4,999 base model was left, but even then it was noted as being available while supplies last, meaning that once it’s gone, you’re pretty much out of options save for third-party retailers who might still have some left in stock.

It is unclear why Apple decided to discontinue the model, and we’re not sure if the lineup is gone for good or if Apple is simply discontinuing the Intel models in favor of future iMac Pro models that could use the Apple Silicon chipset. Apple has been transitioning its Mac computers over to the Apple Silicon, although so far it has mostly been for its lower-end computers.

Many are wondering how Apple plans to address its higher-end “pro” series, so that remains to be seen. Either way, if you were thinking of buying the iMac Pro, you’ll have to either settle for the base model or wait and see if Apple could have a similarly powerful Apple Silicon iMac Pro replacement in the works for the future.

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