Apple’s decision to move away from Intel’s processors in favor of their own Apple Silicon chipsets is probably something that Intel can’t have been too happy about. The company has largely kept silent since then, but it seems that their silence did not last too long as they have gone on the offensive.


Intel recently launched a dedicated website where they compare the M1 chipset against their own processors, in which obviously it has been created to make Intel look good. The company points out advantages of their processors, like full screen touch support, multiple form factor options, option to play many games, and so on.

In a way, it kind of reminds us of Microsoft’s own attempts at comparing against the M1 when they launched their own ad earlier this year. Intel’s efforts did not stop at the website. The company had actually hired actor Justin Long, known for playing “I’m  a Mac” in Apple’s classic series of ads back in the day, to now advocate for Intel-powered PCs.

We suppose it’s only fair that Intel is doing this. After all, they aren’t just losing a customer in Apple, but also market share. Intel still very much dominates the processor space, but still, it would actually be a bit odd if they didn’t say or do anything about it.

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