When Microsoft first launched Windows 10, they also introduced a new browser in the form of Edge, a departure from Internet Explorer that has been the staple of Windows for years. However, Edge did not live a very long and fruitful life, or at least that particular variant because not too long after, Microsoft rebuilt Edge using Chromium which replaced the original version.


For those who have yet to upgrade, it seems that you won’t have much choice soon. This is because Microsoft has officially ended support for the legacy version of Edge which means that it will no longer receive security updates, and continued usage of it could make your computer vulnerable.

It should also be noted that if for whatever reason you haven’t upgraded, the upcoming Windows 10 update in April will result in the legacy version of Edge being removed from computers and replaced by the new version, so whether you want to upgrade or not is a different story because in April, you won’t really be given a choice.

The new version of Edge has been highly praised in reviews as it is much better in terms of performance, plus the fact that it supports the same extensions as Chrome makes it easier for users to migrate over without losing too much.

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