One of the features that many of us can expect to find on instant messenger apps these days is the ability to send a voice message. This has been gaining in popularity as sometimes it might be quicker to just speak out your message rather than type it out, plus it can also help avoid misunderstandings as your tone of voice can be heard.

That being said, what if the person sends a message and they speak too fast? What then? For those who use WhatsApp, you might be interested to learn that the folks at WABetaInfo have found that WhatsApp is currently testing out a feature on its iOS app where users can control the playback speed of their voice messages.

WhatsApp had previously tested the feature out on Android, so it’s good to see what iOS users are part of this test as well. Right now, there seems to be support for three different speeds, but it is unclear if these are to speed up messages or maybe to slow them down. Both might be useful as sometimes people speak too fast and slowing it down might be a way for you to hear what they’re saying. Speeding it up can also be useful for those long-winded messages.

Either way, since the feature is in a test, we’ll have to wait for its release before we have a better idea of how it works.

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