A few years ago, Apple announced their plans to launch a new wireless charging accessory called AirPower. This was basically a wireless charging mat that Apple claimed could charge multiple devices at once, and users did not have to worry about aligning the devices with the charging coils.

The accessory was ultimately cancelled after it was reported that Apple couldn’t solve the overheating issue, but it looks like Xiaomi has managed to succeed where Apple failed. The company has recently announced their own wireless charging mat (alongside the Mi 11 Ultra) that in concept, seems to work the same way as the AirPower did.

According to Xiaomi, they started work on their AirPower clone around the time that Apple gave up and that it took them a few years to get it right and to solve the overheating issue. However, do note that Apple never publicly acknowledged the reason behind the cancellation of the AirPower, so we can’t say with 100% certainty that overheating was one of the reasons.

Xiaomi’s AirPower clone is said to offer up to 20W of wireless power per device and will be priced around $90, which is actually pretty decent if the company can deliver as promised. There is no word whether it might launch outside of China, so for those of us living stateside, maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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