Last week, Apple unveiled their brand new 24-inch iMac. It comes with a totally different design from its predecessors and is even being offered in a variety of bright and fun colors, although for those who prefer something a bit more subdued, oddly enough there is no black or darker colored option.

Some have speculated that Apple could be reserving a black iMac for a future “Pro” model or for the larger 27-inch refresh, but if you don’t plan on waiting that long, you’re in luck. This is because the folks at dbrand have announced matte black skins for the 24-inch iMac. This means that if you wanted a matte black iMac, you can buy these skins to cover it up.

Now, dbrand is offering up various options on how you can skin the iMac. There is a skin that lets you cover just the bezels and that is being sold for $50. There is also the option to cover the  front of the iMac which includes the chin and bezels and that can be had for $50, but if you wanted to cover the entire computer, which includes the sides, the back, and the base of the iMac, that will set you back a whopping $500.

Whether or not this is worth it is up to you to decide, but $500 is a lot of money just for a set of skins. If you’re interested in checking out the various options, then head on over to dbrand’s website for the details.

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