The last time we saw Apple give the iMac a redesign was back in 2012 where they slimmed the design down of the all-in-one computer. From then, Apple has kept the design and only upgraded the internals. For those looking forward to a massive refresh, it looks like your wish has come true.

Apple has officially introduced their brand new 24-inch iMac that not only comes with a brand new and colorful design, but will also see the adoption of the M1 chipset used in last year’s Mac refresh.

The 24-inch iMac will also come with a 4.5K Retina display, and we know some of you might be wondering about the 27-inch model. The 27-inch iMac has always been sold as a more powerful alternative to the 21-inch model, so we suspect that a 27-inch iMac refresh will probably come later on with a newer and maybe more powerful Apple Silicon chipset.

That being said, the new iMac does come with a host of upgrades and new features that might make it worthy of your consideration.

For starters, it boasts the use of the M1 which based on benchmarks and reviews has proven itself to be more than capable of more traditional x86 based CPUs. Secondly, it has a 4.5K resolution which when crammed into the 24-inch display should make it pretty darn sharp. We’re also looking at upgrades to the built-in webcam that has a 1080p resolution (finally!), studio quality microphones, and six speakers.

For the new M1 iMacs, Apple has also introduced a host of new colors that is reminiscent of the iMac G3 from the good old days. There is also connectivity options such as WiFi 6, four USB-C ports that includes two Thunderbolt ports, and also a power cable that attaches magnetically (is this a sign that MagSafe will return to future Mac computers?).

Speaking of power, Apple has approached it in an interesting way. Usually Ethernet ports are located on the computer itself, but Apple has opted to put it into the brick on the power adapter, which they claim will help reduce desktop clutter.

If this sounds like the iMac you’ve been waiting for, orders will kick off on the 30th of April, 2021 where the new 24-inch model will be priced starting at $1,299.

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