There are so many Pages created on Facebook and it’s not surprising given how easy it is. However, do you know anything about the Pages you’ve joined or followed? Do you see people sharing posts from certain Pages? It might be a bit confusing sometimes, which is why Facebook wants to clear things up with labels.

In a post made on Twitter, Facebook has announced that they are testing out the idea of applying labels to Pages to help provide users with more context on them. In the example Facebook shared, they added context to a Page designed to be satire, which means that if you see these labels, then you should probably not take their posts too seriously or assume that they’re real.

This seems to be part of Facebook’s efforts at trying to curb the spread of misinformation, where people can sometimes blindly share things that were meant to be a joke to begin with, but yet were taken seriously. Note that this is a test which means that there is a chance that ultimately, Facebook could decide it might not be the right move and remove it.

The company has tried to apply labels to links and posts in the past, so this seems to be an expansion of that feature, but applied to Pages instead.

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