Right now, Clubhouse has become the social network to beat. The platform, which launched last year exclusive to iOS devices and is invite-only, has blossomed and become a popular place for people to hang out and have discussions. It has also managed to capture the attention of many other platforms who started copying its features.

Now it looks like Instagram wants in on the Clubhouse action as well because the company has announced a new Instagram Live feature. This Instagram Live feature basically allows users to turn their video off. This means that the livestream will be audio-only, similar to that of Clubhouse which allows users to broadcast their audio and speak to each other and other participants in real-time.

It doesn’t seem to be a 100% copy of Clubhouse because users cannot simply join in the livestream like you would on Clubhouse, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced something similar down the line. Facebook, which owns Instagram, is already developing something similar, so no surprises there if some of the features were to trickle down.

Instagram Live already allows users to request to join and participate in a livestream, but not exactly on the scale or format that Clubhouse does, but like we said, don’t be surprised if this changes in the future.

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