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Clubhouse Is Now Available For Download On Android
The other day, the developers of Clubhouse announced that they have begun beta testing of its Android app. For those who are interested in taking part in the beta, you’re in luck because Clubhouse has announced that the app is now available in the Play Store, although it is still in beta and is still limited to certain users and regions.

Clubhouse For Android Is Now In Beta Testing
Ever since Clubhouse first launched, the social networking platform was pretty much exclusive to iOS devices and was also invite-only. The company did announce their plans to eventually bring the app to Android, and the good news is that it looks like the wheels have already started turning.

Instagram Takes On Clubhouse With Audio-Only Livestreams
Right now, Clubhouse has become the social network to beat. The platform, which launched last year exclusive to iOS devices and is invite-only, has blossomed and become a popular place for people to hang out and have discussions. It has also managed to capture the attention of many other platforms who started copying its features.

Reddit Just Launched Their Own Version Of Clubhouse
Clubhouse is the hit social media app that launched not too long ago, and it seems that instead of companies rushing to try and acquire them, we’re actually seeing social media platforms try to create their own version. Now it looks like Reddit wants in on the fun as well as the company has announced Reddit Talk.


Clubhouse Could Launch On Android In May
Clubhouse is one of the hottest social media apps available at the moment. What’s interesting about its rise to stardom is the fact that it is currently exclusive to iOS, and that the only way you can join it is in the form of an invite. So what about Android users who are looking to get in on the Clubhouse action?

Twitter Considered Buying Clubhouse For $4 Billion
Clubhouse is one of the hottest social media apps available at the moment, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that at one point in time, Twitter was actually interested in acquiring the company.  This is according to a report from Bloomberg where they say that Twitter could have spent $4 billion to acquire them.

Discord Launches Its Clubhouse Competitor With ‘Stage Channels’
Right now, Clubhouse seems to be the social media platform to beat and to copy. We’ve already seen companies like Twitter work on something similar, and just last month, it also appeared that Discord could be creating their own version of Clubhouse. Turns out the reports were right on the money.

More Evidence That Facebook Is Building Its Own Version Of Clubhouse
A report from last month seemed to suggest that Facebook is looking to take on Clubhouse with something of their own. Now thanks to mobile developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, he has shared screenshots of what appears to be part of the UI for Facebook’s version of Clubhouse.

Telegram Takes On Clubhouse With Voice Chats 2.0
Right now, the Clubhouse format seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction and it looks like other companies are quickly working to develop something of their own. The latest to join this group would be Telegram who have announced Voice Chats 2.0 that introduces Clubhouse-like features.

Discord Could Be Considering Creating Their Own Version Of Clubhouse
If you’ve been following social media news, chances are you’ve heard of Clubhouse. Right now it is an iOS only app where people can gather in different “clubs”/rooms and have voice conversations with each other. This allows people to host talks about certain topics, and it also allows for participation from the audience.

Facebook Could Be Developing Its Own Clubhouse Alternative
There is a new social media platform in town and it’s called Clubhouse. We’re sure that many of you have heard about it and it’s starting to gain quite a bit of traction. So much so that a report from the New York Times has revealed that Facebook could be looking to nip the competition in the bud early by building its own alternative.