Apple’s iPhone cameras have always performed very well. Maybe not as good compared to some of the competition in some regards, but always good enough to keep customers satisfied. However, if there is one thing that Apple rarely competes on, it would be megapixel count, instead choosing to focus on other hardware and software aspects to boost its performance.


However, that could change in 2022. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that Apple is expected to introduce a massive camera upgrade for 2022’s iPhone 14. Kuo believes that with the iPhone 14, Apple will introduce a massive 48MP sensor to the iPhone. Sure, this is smaller compared to some of the sensors we’re seeing in Android phones, but it’s a huge jump over the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 12MP sensor.

Kuo claims that the new camera will not only feature a larger megapixel count, but will also be capable of recording 8K video. Right now, the iPhone 12 Pro Max tops out at 4K video, so 8K would be a huge leap forwards. Granted, not many people have the need to shoot in 8K, but it’s not a bad thing to have features that are futureproofed.

Plus, some videographers might appreciate having a higher resolution as it means that when videos are cropped or zoomed into, a good deal of details will still remain and won’t become a pixelated mess.

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