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Right now if you have an iPhone, you can check on the battery health of your iPhone, check how much battery you got out of it the previous day, check average battery usage, and so on. However, all that data only tells us how much we’ve used, not so much how much we are going to get.

This is because everyday we use our phones differently, so on a less busy day you could end the day with 60% left, but on a busy day, you might be out of juice before lunch. According to AppleInsider, it seems that Apple wants to do something about it because they have come across a patent in which Apple wants to create a system that can predict battery life.

This means that if such a system were to ever be implemented in real life, your iPhone could predict in advance when you’re most likely to run out of power. So if it predicts that your phone will run out of juice at 10pm when you’re already at home and getting ready for bed, you won’t have to worry about it. However, if it predicts that you might run out of power by 6pm, then it might be a good idea to top up your phone now or before that.

It sounds like a pretty good idea although not necessarily new. We’ve seen this feature in cars where modern day cars have the ability to show the distance your car can travel based on the remaining fuel (or battery). However, whether or not Apple will make this an actual feature remains to be seen.

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