Thanks to cloud services, we can access various files on various devices and sync them up with each other. This is fine if you just want to access files, but what if you needed to access software? Not all software is available across multiple platforms, and even then, if they are, some might be limited in terms of functionality.

This is a problem that Microsoft apparently wants to solve with its rumored “Cloud PC”, which a new report from ZDNet is claiming will launch this summer. For those unfamiliar, Microsoft has been rumored to be developing a Cloud PC. This is an Azure-powered service that lets customers access a remote Windows desktop and use various types of software like Office as if they were on a PC, but they are doing it from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Unlike Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft is said to be planning to offer its Cloud PC service under the Microsoft 365 experience at a flat per-user price, whereas Windows Virtual Desktop is priced depending on how much you consume. Microsoft will also reportedly sell the subscription at various levels depending on your needs.

It is an interesting approach and we have to wonder how many people might take advantage of it. However, we can imagine that this could help with devices like Apple’s M1 Mac computers, where Mac users could access this Cloud PC to run apps. In any case, if the summer launch rumors are true, we should have more details in the coming months.

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