Internet scams aren’t new and hopefully people have, over the years, gotten more educated and more aware about them. However, the reality is that people still fall for scams even today, but do be on the lookout for a new-ish WhatsApp scam that seems to be making its rounds these days.

This scam, if you were to fall for it, could end up hacking and stealing your account. So how does it work? Basically users will receive a text message with a WhatsApp activation code. They will then receive a follow up WhatsApp message from one of their contacts saying they sent you a code by accident, and if you could send the code to them.

If you were to send the code to them, then you can pretty much kiss your WhatsApp account goodbye. As to how the hackers sent a message through an account belonging to your contact? Chances are they might have fallen for the scam as well and had their account compromised. We’re not sure what the hackers are trying to achieve here, but it’s definitely not good.

So if you were to receive such a message, the best thing to do is to ignore it. If you’re not sure, then give that contact a call over the phone (not through WhatsApp) and make sure it is them, although there is a good chance it did not come from them to begin with.

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