One of the ways Apple differentiates its iPhone models would be through the camera. For example, when they first brought image stabilization technology to the iPhone, the higher-end models got optical image stabilization, while the lower-end models got digital stabilization. However, with the iPhone 13, Apple could make them all a little bit more equal.

According to a report from DigiTimes, they claim that all the iPhone 13 models will feature sensor shift image stabilization technology. Right now, this technology is only used in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but if the report is true, all iPhone 13 models could end up benefiting from the inclusion of this tech.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is, sensor stabilization basically stabilizes the sensor of the camera. This is versus other forms of image stabilization where it’s built into the lens itself. For more traditional cameras, lens stabilization means if you were to swap out a different lens that does not have stabilization, you would miss out on that feature.

However, stabilizing the sensor means that regardless of the lens, all your images and videos will benefit from it. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was the first iPhone to use sensor shift stabilization, but it is also Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date, so hopefully this report is true so that would-be customers won’t need to break the bank to take advantage of the tech.

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