With the launch of the new Apple TV, Apple also introduced a new Siri Remote. This new remote has done away with the trackpad-like surface, which was honestly rather difficult to use due to how slippery it was, but it seems that the new remote isn’t perfect either, according to various user complaints and reports.

Across platforms like Twitter and Reddit, owners of the new Apple TV and the Siri Remote are complaining about inconsistent behavior with the remote control. For those unfamiliar with how it works, basically the trackpad portion was replaced with a large scroll wheel, where users use a circular motion around the edge of the wheel to scrub forwards and backwards through shows.

However, according to users, it seems that this isn’t working out quite as well as they would have liked. Users are complaining how when they attempt to scroll through a video, it ultimately jumps back to where it was previously, basically wasting their time. It doesn’t seem to be limited to any particular app, meaning that there is a chance that this could be a firmware issue.

Apple has yet to comment on it but presumably an update to tvOS should fix the problem, or at least that’s the hope. At the moment the remote is still very much usable, it’s just that when it comes to scrubbing through videos, it might not be as consistent as one would like, so hopefully Apple issues an update soon.

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