Way back in the early days of YouTube, one of the first few original viral videos made their rounds. It was the famous and adorable “Charlie bit my finger” which shows a brother holding his baby brother who then proceeds to bite his big brother’s finger, leading to a very cute reaction which went viral.


However, it seems that our time of being able to enjoy the video will soon be coming to an end because the parents and owners of the video have since sold it as an NFT for a whopping $760,999. This means that the video will soon be removed from YouTube as it will now belong to its new owner who will have sole control over it.

For those unfamiliar, NFTs are a hot commodity these days. These are essentially digital content that is being sold and recorded on a blockchain, a more secure way of proving ownership of said content. In the case of this video, while we have seen it reposted and shared across multiple platforms, the new owner will actually be able to claim their rights to it.

Not too long ago, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet on the platform was sold as an NFT for $2.9 million. That being said, the money from the sale of the “Charlie bit my finger” video will be used for the boys and their two other brothers to help with things like education, accommodation, and so on.

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