Facebook is a good place to connect with friends, family members, colleagues, and more, especially if they live thousands of miles away from you. But what about connecting with the people around you? We’ve seen how some neighborhoods have created their own Facebook groups and pages, but Facebook is hoping to make it a bit more official.

The company has since announced that they are testing out a new feature of Facebook called Neighborhoods. As its name suggests, this feature will help to bring people within a neighborhood or community closer together by allowing them to ask for help or recommendations, meeting neighbors who might share common interests, support local and nearby businesses, and more.

According to Facebook, “To join, you’ll need to be 18 years or older and confirm your neighborhood. You can choose to join just your own neighborhood or, in addition, you also have the option to join your Nearby Neighborhoods to see neighbors and posts from your surrounding neighborhoods.”

It’s an interesting feature and like we said, some neighborhoods and communities have already created their own dedicated page and group for similar functions, but now it looks like Facebook wants to make it an official feature. As it is currently in testing, it will be limited to Canada right now but there are plans to expand it to US cities soon.

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