We’ve all played games in the past where there are certain puzzles, levels, or boss fights that just feel impossible to beat. We’ve probably tried over and over again dozens of times, turned to walkthroughs, and in some cases, just give up. However, Sony thinks that they might have the answer to your problems.

According to a patent discovered by Patent Scope, it seems that Sony has envisioned an idea where if a player is struggling in the game, they will be able to reach out to an “expert” player who will then assist them and support them through the game. This would be faster and more convenient compared to walkthrough videos and tutorials where it’s less personal and you might still struggle a bit.

So what defines an “expert”? According to Sony’s patent, it seems that the company is open to two possibilities: one being any player who owns the game and has played it can register as being an “expert”, while the other is that the player needs to have reached a “qualification standard”, whatever that means.

It’s actually a rather interesting idea and with there already being eSports tutors and coaches, this isn’t that far-fetched of an idea. However, the real question is whether or not Sony will actually make it a reality.

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