When Apple announced the new iPad Pro, one of the features of the tablet is a feature called Center Stage. This is where the front-facing camera on the iPad can “track” the user as they move around in the frame, ensuring that they are constantly being placed in the middle. Apple later revealed that Center Stage will be made available to third-party apps.

For those of you who use Zoom frequently for work or school or just for social reasons, then you might be interested to learn that Zoom will be taking advantage of the new feature. According to Zoom, this feature can be turned on or off so if you don’t really like the tracking feature then you’re free to disable it anytime you want.

Zoom notes that your settings will be remembered for future meetings meaning that you don’t have to worry about enabling or disabling it for every meeting. For those unfamiliar with how it works, the camera isn’t actually tracking or moving around per se. Instead, it relies on a wide shot that pans from one end to another to give the illusion that it’s tracking you.

This means that in some instances it won’t actually be able to track you if you move too far out of frame, but it should be good enough for a bit of movement. The update to Zoom is already live so do check it out if you’re interested.

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