Every now and then we hear about upcoming Apple products that haven’t been announced yet. Sometimes we even get photos. All this information naturally comes from someone either working inside of Apple or is part of their supply chain, and while leaks do happen, Apple seems to have had enough.

According to a report from FrontPageTech, apparently for the past few weeks, Apple has started to equip some of its employees with body cams. Note that only some employees will be wearing them as opposed to all, and presumably these will be the employees who might be working on top secret stuff like unannounced products.

Unfortunately, the report does not mention how these body cams will work or how they are supposed to stop leaks from happening. When police wear body cams, the idea is that it’s supposed to make them more accountable for their actions and provide evidence in case of a dispute.

However, it doesn’t really make sense for Apple employees to wear them, especially since the information they know can be easily shared when they’re at home and not at work. Perhaps Apple has their own reasons that we’re not privy to, but either way it’s probably best to take this report with a grain of salt.

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