While Apple and LG are partners for certain aspects of the business, they are also rivals. Both companies do create competing products ranging from devices like laptops to smartphones. However, as you might recall, LG announced earlier this year that they would be exiting the smartphone market, and Apple might be looking to swoop in on some prime real estate.

According to a report from Business Korea, they claim that both Apple and LG are currently in talks where Apple could be looking to use some of LG’s shop space to sell iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches over in Korea. For those unfamiliar, LG has several stores across Korea also known as LG Best Shops.

The report claims that both companies are in discussion where since LG no longer sells phones, maybe they could use some of that space to sell their own products. Since nothing has been decided yet, it has been suggested that this could happen in a couple of different ways. One, where Apple kind of rents a corner of the shop and staffs it with their own employees, or second, LG’s own LG Best employees could help run things.

It also goes on to claim that Apple wants to sell its MacBooks at the stop, but since LG is still in the laptop business, that is a point of contention.

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