If you need extended warranty for your Apple device, AppleCare+ is the answer. However, it isn’t always the cheapest and it’s kind of like buying insurance – you’ll be glad you bought it when you need it, but it can sometimes be a bit of a tough pill to swallow given its pricing, but there is some good news on that front.

It appears that Apple has decided to lower the price of AppleCare+ for its MacBooks. This will include the M1 and Intel MacBook Airs in which the price of AppleCare+ has been lowered from $249 to $199. It will also apply to the M1 MacBook Pro, at least the 13-inch model, where it will now cost $249 down from $269.

However, do note that this is only for the M1 MacBook Pro and that the 13-inch Intel MacBook Pro’s AppleCare+ is still at $269, maybe giving customers more incentive to buy the M1 laptop. Now, if you had bought AppleCare+ before these changes were made, the good news is that you can call Apple Support and cancel your current plan in favor of the new one, although we’re not sure if there is going to be a cutoff date for changes to be made.

Like we said, AppleCare+ is not exactly cheap, but hopefully the reduction of their prices will make it a bit more attractive for those who want that extra peace of mind.

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