There are certain topics that just seem to ignite a lot of passion and debate. While a healthy debate with facts and logic is fine, it’s not always the case online where things can quickly spiral out of control. These types of situations can make a Facebook group admin’s life quite difficult, which is why Facebook is introducing new tools to help.

In an announcement by the company, they will be introducing new tools to help group admins moderate conversations. One of those tools gives admins the ability to slow down conversations for particular members who might be toxic in their replies. This means that instead of allowing them to comment non-stop, this tool will delay the time in between their replies, where hopefully calmer heads will prevail.

Facebook will also be introducing a moderation alert called Conflict Alert, where it will use AI technology to detect when conversations are starting to turn contentious or unhealthy, after which group admins can then “slow down” these conversations to prevent things from going out of control.

Facebook has been accused in the past of being slow to take action, but hopefully with these tools in the hands of group admins, it will make it easier for people to put a stop to online toxic behavior instead of waiting around for Facebook themselves to step in.

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