If there is one reason to watch movies in the theater instead of your own home, it would be the sound. This is because cinemas are usually equipped with high quality audio equipment and have also been acoustically treated to provide you with the best sound possible, although sometimes this is also largely dependent on where you’re sitting.

This means that if you’re unlucky and you’re seated too far in the front or to the side, it might not be the best experience. However, a company called Flexound is hoping to change that with the creation of the Flexound Pulse. The company has taken it upon themselves to try and reimagine and improve the cinema seating experience.

This is accomplished by building soundboards and drivers right into the chair itself, and coupling it with high walls that surround the user. This means that regardless of where you are seated, you will have a much better and personalized acoustic experience, plus the addition of the high walls means that you’ll have better privacy and less distractions, allowing you enjoy the movie a lot better.

The Flexound Pulse isn’t available yet, but apparently there are demo units in Finland and Malaysia that can be checked out if you live in either of those countries. Flexound is taking pre-orders for the seats, so it’ll be up to cinemas to decide if they are worth upgrading to.

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