Back in 2020, Google decided that they would stop showing the full website address inside the URL bar in Chrome. This means that instead of showing the full website address including the page name or folder name, you would only see the main name, like “” instead of “”.

Google claimed back then that this was part of their efforts to help fight against phishing websites, although many argued otherwise. However, it looks like Google’s little experiment has come to an end. If you look at your URL bar now, it should display the entire website’s address in full.

It should be noted that back then when this feature was active, Google didn’t actually hide the website’s URL. You could still see the full address by clicking on the URL bar, it’s just that when it was clicked or highlighted, it would hide the full address. According to Google, the reason behind the reversal of their decision was that it simply did not do anything in terms of improving security metrics.

The changes are already live in Chrome 91 so if you’ve used Chrome in the past day or so, you should have already been updated to it and you should see the changes. If not you can try to manually update Chrome to get the latest version.

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