The iMac has been designed as an all-in-one desktop system, meaning that the computer and display itself are integrated with each other to create a seamless look. However, that might not be the case in real life for some M1 iMac customers. This is because it seems that for some of them, Apple has been shipping out units that come with crooked mountings.

This was initially reported in a video by iPhonedo who claims that when he received the M1 iMac, it was crooked. We’re not talking about a subtle crookedness, but one that was obvious enough to be noticed and confirmed by using a ruler. After the report, it seems that other people have started to share their experiences as well.

Even the folks at MacRumors have confirmed that they too have received a crooked iMac. The publication claims that they initially thought it was a desk problem, but after this video and some testing, it was found to be crooked. The big deal here is that because of the use of screws to hold the iMac’s display in place, it’s not very easy to fix. It’s not like a monitor mounted on a rotating arm that you can just easily rotate back into place.

The good news is that it seems that Apple is allowing users with crooked mounts to return and replace their computers even after the two week return window, so if you have noticed that problem with your M1 iMac, give Apple a call and see if they’ll take it back and give you a replacement.

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