Apple and Google are some of the most dominant tech companies in existence right now. Both companies are also responsible for pretty much the entire smartphone industry where iOS and Android reign supreme. It has been that way for many years, but it seems that UK regulators have decided that maybe both Apple and Google are a bit too dominant.

According to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, they have confirmed that they are launching an investigation into the “effective duopoly” that both Apple and Google have in terms of mobile technology, like iOS and Android, their app stores, and also Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers.

According to Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive of the CMA, “Apple and Google control the major gateways through which people download apps or browse the web on their mobiles – whether they want to shop, play games, stream music or watch TV. We’re looking into whether this could be creating problems for consumers and the businesses that want to reach people through their phones.”

The investigation actually comes at an interesting time where the app store practices of Apple and Google have come under scrutiny, namely Apple in their legal battle with Epic over the 30% cut that the company takes from sales of apps. In fact, US lawmakers have introduced a new antitrust act that if passed, could force Apple to sell off the App Store.

It remains to be seen if anything will come from the CMA’s investigation, but their timing is certainly impeccable.

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