Apple plans to eventually shift all of its Mac computers to its own Apple Silicon platform. So far they’ve done that for some of their lower-end computers, but many have rightfully wondered what this means for their higher-end computers like the Mac Pro. It turns out that maybe Apple might not be ready to make the full transition yet.

According to the latest rumors, it seems that come 2022, Apple might be refreshing the Mac Pro but instead of using their own Apple Silicon chipsets, the company might continue to rely on Intel. The tweet claims that the 2022 Mac Pro might use Intel’s Xeon-W 33x series processor, which means that it could be much further into the future before we see an Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

To be honest, while the M1 chipset has shown a lot of promise, we did have some reservations on how Apple would deal with more powerful computers that relied on discrete GPUs and more powerful Intel processors. A few months ago, there was a rumor that Apple could be developing a 40-core Apple Silicon chipset that might be used to power future Mac Pros.

However, if this rumor is true, it seems that it might not be debuting anytime soon. There’s nothing wrong with Apple continuing to use Intel, but for those who are interested in the development and future of Apple Silicon, we might have to wait. In the meantime, Apple is expected to launch new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros later this year, so we’ll probably learn more about Apple’s plans then.

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