Did you know that the second-gen Google Nest Hub comes with a built-in radar that can be used to track your sleep? Now it seems that Amazon thinks the tech is cool enough where they too want to include it in a future device, at least that’s according to a report from Bloomberg where they claim that Amazon has received a waiver from the FCC to use the 60GHz radar for sleep tracking.

Sleep tracking isn’t exactly new, but more recently it seems to have come back into focus where companies like Apple have included it in the Apple Watch. However, we imagine that not everyone might feel comfortable wearing a smartwatch to bed so having a separate device that can monitor your sleeping patterns could be useful.

It is unclear which device will debut with the technology, but since none of Amazon’s current devices appear to have the necessary hardware, it means that we’ll have to wait for a new Echo device to be launched. In addition to using the radar for sleeping tracking, it is possible that it could also be used for gesture recognition, similar to Google’s Project Soli that debuted with the Pixel 4.

This would allow users to interact with the device without having to touch it, making it ideal if your hands are full or if you have a mobility or speed impairment.

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