Not too long ago, Apple released a new update for iOS which introduced App Tracking Transparency. Basically this gave users the option as to whether or not they want to allow apps to track them. By letting apps track them, this data can then be used to help sell more personalized and targeted ads.

Obviously given the option, most people would disable tracking and this was one of Facebook’s concerns and how it could have an impact on their business which does rely heavily on ads. As it turns out, it was something that the company never had to worry to begin with because according to Facebook’s latest earnings, the company has actually reported record ad revenue.

For the second quarter of 2021, Facebook managed to pull in $28.6 billion in advertising revenue. This is actually an increase of 56% from the same period last year, meaning that if anything, they’re actually earning even more money from ads than ever. However, Facebook continues to maintain its cautious stance and warns investors about potential rough waters in the coming months.

According to Facebook’s CFO David Wehner, “We continue to expect increased ad targeting headwinds in 2021 from regulatory and platform changes, notably the recent iOS updates, which we expect to have a greater impact in the third quarter compared to the second quarter.”

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