Apple’s iPad mini always felt like it was the perfect size. It was small enough to bring around easily, it was light, but it was still big enough where you could comfortably enjoy your movies and games and surfing the web. But over the years, the iPad mini started to get less attention, but that could change soon.

Apple is rumored to be working on a long-overdue refresh for the tablet and according to the latest rumors by Display Supply Chain Consultants’ Ross Young, one of the changes we can expect would be the display size. According to Young, Apple is rumored to be bumping up the display size from 7.9-inches to 8.3-inches.

There is a chance that the overall size could remain the same because Young claims that the bezels of the tablet are being shrunken down. We’re not sure if it will be to the extent of the iPad Pro, but we’ll have to wait and see. Young also claims that the refreshed iPad mini could ditch the Home button, although chances are Apple will not give it Face ID, but rather integrate Touch ID into the power button.

Other earlier rumors we’ve been hearing include how the new iPad mini might actually see Apple use mini LED for its display, but there have been some who are disputing that. Either way, it’s something we’ll have to wait and see, possibly much later this year.

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