One of the features Apple introduced back in 2020 was the ability for users to use their iPhones to unlock their car doors, assuming they had a compatible car model, of course. You would, however, need to take your iPhone out and hold it to the driver’s side door for it to work, which is fine.

However, in an announcement by the Car Connectivity Consortium, they have revealed that its Digital Key 3.0 specification is now ready and also supports Ultra Wideband and Bluetooth LE connectivity, and it is also available to its members, one of whom is Apple. So what does this mean for iPhone users?

It means that once Apple moves to Digital Key 3.0, users won’t even need to take their iPhones out of their pocket to unlock their car doors anymore. All they need to do is walk close to their car and it will unlock, but once again, all of this hinges on users who have compatible cars and devices, which means that in terms of iPhone, you would need to own the iPhone 11 or later.

In a way, this isn’t so new because there have been some cars which can unlock as long as the key or key fob is nearby, but this would be new as far as using smartphones are concerned. It is pretty cool and we imagine that if and when Apple does get around to launching its own electric car, you can bet this will be of its features.

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