TikTok’s videos are limited to 60 seconds per clip, but last year, TikTok introduced the ability for select creators to create videos longer than that. However, like we said, this was a feature exclusive to some creators, but the good news is that TikTok has since announced that they are now in the process of rolling out the feature to all creators.

According to TikTok, “Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out the option to create longer videos to everyone on TikTok, giving our global community the flexibility to film, upload, and edit videos up to three minutes in length directly within TikTok. Once ready, you’ll get a notification that longer videos are now part of your creative toolbox.”

What’s interesting about this is that this seems to be the progression that Instagram took many years ago. When the company introduced the ability for users to upload videos, it was capped, but later they launched IGTV which allowed users to upload longer videos to better compete against platforms like YouTube.

One of TikTok’s appeals is that its content was short and easy to digest, but it seems that the company is hoping to attract different types of creators to its platform, like those who might appreciate the ability to post longer content. Either way, this will soon be an option that users can look forward to, so keep an eye out for it.

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