One of the appeals of TikTok videos and other video services like it is that the videos are short. This lets users enjoy a video and move on to the next video without having to spend too much time. It also lets creators come up with creative ways on putting together a cohesive video with a limited amount of time.

However, TikTok has been experimenting with the idea of allowing for longer videos, with some tests even allowing users to upload videos as long as 10 minutes in length, and the reason for this is ad revenue. The idea is that by allowing videos that are longer in length, there will be more spaces for ads to be inserted, and in turn it lets the company make more money.

Interestingly enough though, a report from WIRED has revealed that according to a survey of nearly half of TikTok’’s user base, it seems that a good many find that videos that are over a minute in length are “stressful” to watch, but despite this, the company seems to think that longer videos are the way to go.

Like we said, in this day and age where people are seemingly having shorter attention spans, short videos are certainly the way to go. Plus, users can already go to YouTube for longer form content, so we’re not sure if 10 minute TikTok videos are the way to go, but we’ll have to wait and see what the company does.

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