There’s something about miniaturized gadgets that are just so darn cute. If you love collecting these kinds of novelty toys and gadgets, then you might be interested in checking out Basic Fun!’s Tiny TV Classics. These are essentially miniaturized television sets designed to look like TV sets from the good old days.

However, they won’t actually be able to play shows from actual TV channels. They will, however, be capable of playing TV shows, or rather clips of classic TV shows that are stored on them. They even come with matching remote controls that let you cycle through the various “channels”, adjust the volume, and even turn it on or off, so you never have to get off the couch.

Right now, the shows that are offered on the TV sets include Friends, Back to the Future, Batman, and South Park, but there are plans to eventually include more modern TV shows like Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek. If this sounds cool and if you want to start collecting them, they are expected to go on sale soon where they will be priced at $25 each.

Not exactly the cheapest toy you could get, but hey, if you have some cash to splash, why not?

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