As some of you might have heard, about $600 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from the Poly Network not too long ago. However, in an interesting twist, the hacker who stole it returned half of it. Some speculated that it was due to the difficulty of unloading stolen crypto, while the hacker claimed that it was always their intention to return it.

That being said, an update from Poly Network has revealed that the full amount that was stolen has since been returned to them. In a statement released by the company:

“Thank you for your continued interest. At 08:39:04 AM +UTC on August 23, 2021, Mr. White Hat publicly shared a private key in his possession to the 3/4 multi-signature wallet through an on-chain message. Poly Network has successfully retrieved the remaining 28,953 ETH and 1,032 WBTC (about $141 million). At this point, all the user assets that were transferred out during the incident have been fully recovered.”

The company had previously tried to woo the hacker into returning the amount by offering a $500,000 “bug bounty”. They also later offered the hacker the role of “chief security advisor”, but each offer was refused. Either way, thankfully the amount was returned and it looks like this story has a happy ending.

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