Recently, there was a report in which analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the iPhone 13 could come with satellite calling support. This means that even in the event you have no network coverage, you’ll still be able to make calls and send text messages, which will be handy in an emergency.

However, that might no longer be the case. In a new report from Bloomberg, it seems that sources familiar with the matter have told the publication that an iPhone with satellite calling support probably won’t come in 2021, and that it will be 2022 at the earliest that we can probably expect to see the feature.

The report also sheds some light on Apple’s plans for the feature, in which the company envisions it as being more for emergency uses only, as opposed to general communication. They even claim that there is a chance the feature could be changed or even scrapped entirely before it is announced.

This back and forth is a bit confusing as it’s hard to say who is right as both Kuo and Bloomberg’s sources are typically very accurate with their claims. Either way, the iPhone 13 is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, so we should have all the official details soon enough.

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