One of the upsides of building a custom mechanical keyboard is that you get to customize a lot of its aspects and features. Buying a prebuilt keyboard is generally cheaper and is less hassle, but you do give up some of that customizability in the process, but Razer wants to change that, at least for its own keyboards.

The company has announced a bunch of new accessories in the form of the Phantom keycap set. This will be offered in either a white or black finish so if you’re not a fan of the current keycaps, you can use these. According to Razer, some of the features of these keycaps is that they feature translucent sides and bottom lasered legends that should allow the RGB light to better pass through.

This would be Razer’s take on the pudding-style keycaps which are similarly designed. According to Razer, there are 128 keycaps included and will be compatible with Razer’s Mini and Tenkeyless keyboards, as well as other full-sized mechanical keyboards that uses the US or UK standard bottom row layout.

In addition to these keycaps, Razer is also selling coiled cables, another accessory that’s popular in the custom keyboard community, so if you are curious about them, then head on over to Razer’s website for the details.

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