One of the ways that Microsoft is trying to reach a larger audience with its Xbox games is through streaming. By allowing gamers to stream their games on any device, it means that the barrier to entry to joining the Xbox platform is considerably smaller as it means that gamers won’t need to purchase a console, just the games.

Given that Microsoft has publicly admitted that they’ve never profited from the sales of the console, it makes sense. That being said, if you were planning on picking up Valve’s Steam Deck, you might be interested to learn that it looks like the console will have no issues streaming Xbox games either.

This is according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer who tweeted over the weekend that he was successful in streaming Xbox games from xCloud onto the Steam Deck. That’s actually pretty cool because the Steam Deck was originally intended for gamers to play games from their Steam library, but if being able to stream Xbox games is a possibility, it makes the console look a lot more attractive.

Right now, the Steam Deck hasn’t been released but Valve does have plans to make it available at the end of the year, so if you’re interested, it might be worth checking out once it becomes available.

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